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Chris Dawson - OFTEC - April 2022

Andy Kilby is a brilliant tutor and very helpful. Great at explaining everything. I would recommend.


Tracy (Ultrawarm) - Office Manager - Nov 2021

Perfect service from the whole office at EDS

Clare Austin (Austin Heating Director) - Gas Awareness - Oct 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the gas awareness training and wish i had participated in something like this years ago, as it has given me a new appreciation of the work carried out by our technicians, as well as being extremely interesting and very beneficial to my role in the office. Jason's vast experience and knowledge clearly showed and, whilst we have ben using EDS for years, it was great to see how it all works and how thorough your training process really is. We will be sending more of our admin staff on this course and will look for others that would be usefull to us.

Gemma Denley-Doswell (Austin Heating Employee) - Gas Awareness - Oct 2021

I attended the Gas Awareness Course on 08/11/2021. It was a fantastic course and I believe would be really useful (should be essential!) for anyone who works alongside Gas Safe Engineers. It not only emphasised the great work our engineers do on a daily basis but really brought home the responsibility they, and by extension we, have for the safety of our clients. Jason was a great teacher and extremely knowledgeable; he answered our many questions with patience. Not once did I feel that I wasn’t valued because I wasn’t ‘on the tools’! It was also great to see the training facilities available for our technicians and to have a go at tightness testing.

George Gardner - Gas Awareness - Oct 2021

Very informative day for someone with little prior knowledge of the content - good level of content, there wasn't anything too indepth but a very good overview of what engineers cover and are examined on. I enjoyed the practical side carrying out a tightness test and was very impressed with the set up at the centre with all boilers and appliances. Jason was very good, informative and happy to answer any questions.

Tim Gardner (Director of Situs) - Gas Awareness - Oct 2021

Jason was superb - kept everything flowing and is very knowledgeable. it was an excellant course.

David Jameison - Domestic - August 2021

A thoroughly professional service. I was put at ease throughout the whole process. Matt was a really great trainer and was calm

Simon Wellington - Domestic - June 2021

I've done all my training at EDS. I always have a good experience. It's well set up and they have an efficient training style. Matt is a superb Trainer, Very Patient and speaks clearly. Takes the time to explain points of difficulty

James Derry - OFTEC - May 2021

Having come here 5 years ago with a different company, I specifically requested to come back due to my previous, excellent experience. Highly recommend.

Philip Butler - Domestic - April 2021 

Very impressed with the set up at the centre, it made everyone feel at ease, I would highly recommend the centre to everyone 

Dave Knowles - Domestic & LPG - April 2021

Been here several times on different courses and founds all I've come in contact with is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff and trainers. also, it's important to mention that with the Covid situation stringent measures were in place to protect all visitors, staff and training.

Nick Sidwell - CMA Training - March 2021

Excellent working/training environment, friendly and professional staff. all covid safe protocols in place for safe and efficient learning and assessment. good quality training materials and handouts.

Peter Fowler - Commercial - March 2021

I had an excellent experience, felt safe & the trainers and staff had a lot of time helping for my Asperger.

Sam Starling - Domestic - January 2021

John Rae and Nick Hogg are a credit to the company. they are very knowledgeable and i would highly recommend them.

Arron Hearn - Domestic - January 2021

I had Nick Hogg most of my course and I couldn't say a bad word about him. He helped me in every way and made my time here great. John Rae helped me with everything as well and had been a good teacher too me. The both of them were great and can't recommend them enough.

Daniel Tripp - Domestic - January 2021

I can not recommend this training centre enough, all the trainers and staff are very easy to talk to and very easy to understand. It's a nice and relaxed environment. The training centre complied with Covid-19 government regulations. I felt very safe and wish a lot more places would take not of the efforts to keep everyone safe.

Stephen Howard - Domestic - January 2021 

Great training centre, amazing trainers and a friendly atmosphere. All Covid-19 rules covered and temperature taking is essential every morning. always a pleasure coming here.

Gary Wichall - Domestic - January 2021

Great service recieved, social distancing was considered at all times. Temperature taken daily upon arrival. One way system used to reduce crossing over, class sizes reduced and seating spaced appropriately.

Ryan Pincott - Domestic & LPG - January 2021

With Covid-19, there are hand sanitisers in place and distancing is in place. Great atmosphere and they do their utmost to help you learn and achieve.

Stacey Cohen - Domestic - January 2021

The Covid precautions in place were followed by everyone, made me feel at ease during my time at the training centre

Andrew Galliver - Domestic - January 2021

Good one way system in operation, small class numbers made it safe to instructor and pupils

Daniel Ryan - GGFO 2019

EDS have been totally helpful in guiding me through my ACS and their experienced and knowledgeable trainers are excellent.

Ricardo Serratore - GGFO 2019

Excellent service from EDS, would highly recommend. Nick was an excellent trainer to have, made the course enjoyable.

Craig James - GGFO

Towards Matt, Trainer - Just wanted to convey to you my thanks for all of your guidance and support in enabling me to pass the course, your ability to put your students at ease and assist them in exceeding their own expectations was pivotal. You’re a great teacher and an inspiration!

Robin Thorne - Domestic - October 2019

The atmosphere is relaxed and puts you at ease. The trainers and assessors explain in a clear manor so as to understand information given and makes the pressure easier to cope with in exam conditions. Would 100% recommend

Luke Wride - Domestic  R/A - August 2019

Nick was clearly a highly competent and experienced engineer and trainer. no questions were treated less worthy than others.

Dwayne Bressington - Domestic R/A - August 2019

I really liked the relaxed feeling and helpfulness of all the staff. They go out of their way to explain when the going gets tough. Would recommend as always.

Liam Hervin - Domestic R/A - July 2019

The teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly. Took time to explain things, was clear and concise. Breaks were good and facilities too.

Ben Moses - Lawtons - Commercial - July 2019

This training centre has been amazing, the office staff have been so helpful and will go above and beyond. The assessors/trainers offer the same quality in their training methods. It's a very relaxed atmosphere at the training centre and they make you feel at home. Overall it is the best training experience I have had to date :)  


Alistair Bramwell – Domestic Re-Assessment – March 2018

John Rae was excellent.  He explained things so clearly that it made assessment really easy.

Alan Hughes – Domestic Re-Assessment – March 2018

Was explained very well. Relaxed and put at ease by the trainer

Colin Myler – Domestic Re-Assessment – March 2018

Nice clean and tidy environment. Very relaxed methods of explaining etc from both John and Nick Hogg

Brian Philmore – Sovereign Housing Association – CMDAA – February 2018

I don’t think that there is any way this course could be improved 🙂

Ronnie Phillips – Sovereign Housing Association – CMDDA – February 2018

The course was run very professionally at a great pace by quality staff. I would certainly recommend this training Centre to other people

William Athanes – Sovereign Housing Association – CMDDA – February 2018

Brilliant Training Centre. Staff & Assessor were understanding, thorough and helpful


James Howard – Sovereign Housing Association – CMDDA – February 2018

A very good team of trainers and staff – very helpful

Robbie Sadler – RSK – Domestic Gas Re-Assessment – June 2017

Very Impressed!

Michael Bryant – Domestic Gas Re-Assessment – June 2017

Very professional and friendly – will return next time round



William Athanes – Sovereign Housing Association – Domestic Gas Re-Assessment – June 2017

Assessors are very understanding and take into account that nerves sometime get the better of you.  Trainers give quality information and are willing to revisit topics if you are unsure.  Can’t fault the centre.

Shaun Portingale – Domestic Gas Re-Assessment – April 2017

Overall, a very well presented course

Shaun Higgins- Edward Bays Ltd – Domestic Re-Assessment & LPG – April 2017

Very clear description of information. Trainers were very knowledgeable.

All staff were very helpful and professional

Brian Philmore –  Domestic GAs Re-Assessment – April 2017

Great course!

Llewelyn Williams – Initial CCN1 Training – March 2017

Great place to come to undertake the course


Terry Welton – Initial CCN1 Training – March 2017 

After a long lay off from the trade, I decided to re-qualify for GAS.  I found it to be a relaxed atmosphere with very helpful training and documentation.

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