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LPG was introduced into the UK in the 1930’s after researchers realised that the waste product of crude oil could be changed from a gaseous to liquid state under moderate pressure. This made the fuel compact and portable like a liquid but could be readily used as a gas. The market was mainly associated with caravans but is now widely used for new gas installations, and is increasingly replacing existing oil, solid fuel and electricity supplies in the market.

Courses available:

CONGLP1-PD (Change over from Domestic Gas to LPG Permanent Dwellings) –£300

As the LPG course is run off the back of the candidates Domestic CCN1 qualification, if this should expire the LPG would become invalid until the CCN1 qualification is renewed.

LPG-RPH (Residential Park Homes) – £25.00 if done in conjunction with PD

LPG-LAV (Leisure Accommodation Vehicle) – £25.00 if done in conjunction with PD

None of the above prices include VAT

Registration of £60 and publications of £50 (if required) will need to be purchased on booking.

Pre-Requisite – CCN1 or equivalent.

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