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Managed Learning Programme


Qualifying for entrance into the Gas ACS scheme has been tightened considerably since October 2017, requiring candidates to complete a Managed Learning Programme (MLP) which will include a period working under supervision, on gas installations and appliances.
At EDS, and in conjunction with ERS, this MLP has been developed to give companies and candidates a route into ACS. It focuses on, and is suitable for, candidates with no formal qualifications to enable them to enter ACS i.e., working as an apprentice or plumber for a Gas Safe Registered company. From October 2017 completing an approved MLP course is the only entry route outside of a full NVQ Qualification.
The duration of the MLP will be a minimum of 6 months and will require attendance at the centre along with gaining and documenting onsite experience under the supervision of a Gas Safe Registered engineer.  
Once all the required evidence is gathered and the portfolio has been validated by the training centre and ERS, the candidate, upon completion of end tests, will be eligible to take his/her ACS, although this will be at the discretion of the training provider and is dependent on the quality of evidence within the portfolio. The ACS will be an additional cost, Domestic Gas Core (CCN1) or Commercial Gas Core (CoCN1), Domestic Boilers (CENWAT) are NOT included in the price.
With this in mind the candidate must be employed by or have access to a Gas Safe registered Company/Engineer and would ideally suit someone who would like to progress from apprentice/plumber status within a company to fully qualified engineer.
We feel this provides an excellent route into ACS for the right candidate, so if you feel this course would benefit you or your company, or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us when a visit to our centre to see the facilities could be arranged.


Course Costs:

GGFO (Inc CCN1) – £4,200.00 including Publications/Registration

Saturday GGFO (Inc CCN1) - £4,750.00 including Publications/Registration

ACS Costs:

CCN1 & CENWAT - £950 not including Registration
CCN1, CENWAT & CKR1 - £1,105.00 not including Registration
CCN1, CENWAT, CKR1 & HTR1 - £1,255.00

Please note the above costs do not include VAT


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