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The training is presented as a series of modules which lead trainees from the basics of what electricity is and how it is generated through how house and heating systems wiring circuits are laid out to understanding how to use a multi-meter to identify faults on components and controls.


The prerequisite for attending the courses is that the person holds a recognised trade qualification and holds as a minimum ACS CCN1and CEN1 certificate.  A working knowledge of central heating systems is essential to obtaining the best from this programme.

Target customers

The Essential Electrics course is for experienced plumbing and heating installers who wish to expand their knowledge of electrical aspects of the appliances related to their day-to-day work.  It is designed to provide basic knowledge of electrical installation skills, understanding of circuitry and a logical approach to fault finding using a multi-meter.

Course Costs

£330.00 (Exl VAT/Registration)

Registration £40.00 per candidate

Publications £55.00

Please note the above costs do not include VAT

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