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Reassessment is only available to operatives who currently hold an in date ACS qualification. It is recommended that reassessment take place with both core gas safety and appliances (e.g. CCN1, CEN1, CKR1, HTR1 and WAT1) as to save both time and additional costs.


Q – Can I take my reassessment without holding /having taken in the past an ACS assessment?

No, you must provide evidence in the form of an original certificate of the ACS categories you have undertaken previously.

Q – What is the difference between the ACS initial assessment and the ACS reassessment assessment?

The ACS initial assessment is a 5 day course and has more written papers for you to complete, but it does allow you up to 5 attempts. The ACS reassessment assessment tests you only on the key areas that you have previously undertaken, plus any new legislation introduced over the last 5 years, and is a shorter course. Reassessment only allows up to two attempts. ACS reassessment assessment is only available to operatives who have a current ACS qualification in those categories applied for.

Q – If I am taking existing core and appliances as reassessment can I include another appliance/core to extend my gas range?

No. The extra appliance must be taken under the ACS initial assessment conditions.

Course Costs:

Training & Assessment

CCN1 Only – £635.00

CCN1 , CENWAT   plus 1 Appliance – £765.00

Each additional appliance will be at an extra costs of 70.00 (Exl VAT)

Reassessment Appliances Only

Training & Assessment – £70 per appliance

All the above prices are excluding VAT.

** Registration of £60 and £105 Publications (if required) will need to be purchased on booking. **

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