COCN1, Core Commercial Gas Safety (In ICPN1)  – £600.00

The main Core Commercial course is run over a 5 day period (Mon – Fri) and also includes the ICPN1 (First Fix pipework <75mbar) qualification.

Pre-requisite – Gas NVQ 6012 or equivalent.

CODNCO (Change over from Domestic Gas to Commercial Gas) – £425.00 

The change over course allows candidates that already hold a valid CCN1 Domestic Gas qualification to extend they knowledge to Commercial. However as the commercial change over is run off the back of the candidates Domestic CCN1 certificate, if this expires the CODNCO would become invalid until the Domestic CCN1 qualification was retaken. Course duration 3 days.

Pre-requisite – CCN1 or equivalent.

Additional Commercial Elements :

CORT1 (Overhead Radiant Tubes) – £175.00

CIGA1 (Indirect Fired Heating) – £205

CDGA (Direct Fired Appliance) - £120

TPCP1A (Testing & Purging up to 150mm/40mbar) – £245.00

TPCP1 & 1A (Testing 7 Purging up to and above 150mm/40mbar) –£450.00

ICPN1 (First Fix pipework <75mbar) – £170

ICPN1LS (First Fix pipework, Limited Scope) – £195

CMET1 (Gas meters, LP diaphragm and RPD meters) – £174.00

CMET2 (High pressure & RPD Meters) – £174.00

Registration of £60  plus publication

None of the above prices include VAT