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CoDC1 (Catering Conversion)

Essential training to convert from commercial or domestic natural gas to Commercial Catering.

You must hold a current CCN1 qualification – Duration 2 days

Cost - £655.00

CCCN1 (Catering Core) - £855

COMCAT1 – Commercial Catering Appliances

Open and solid top ranges: Stockpot Stoves,Boiling Burners, Warming Ovens, Bain Marie Hot Cupboards, Combination Ovens, Forced & Natural Convection, Direct and Semi-Indirect Ovens, Boiling Pans Direct & indirect, Bulk Liquid and Jacketed Urns – 1 day

Cost: £170.00

COMCAT3 - Commercial Catering Appliances

Deep Fat & Pressure Fryers, Appliances covered – Bratt Pans, Griddles, Grills, Salamanders, Simulated Charcoal and over/under fired appliances. – 1 day

Cost: £170.00

CMC (Commercial Mobile Catering) - £185

Commercial Catering Package - CoDC1 plus COMCAT1 & 3 - £805

All courses are subject to a registration fee of £60.

You also need to include VAT and £45 for the study manual

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