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The Cavity Wall ACOPS course has been put together to help Cavity Wall Installers understand the adverse effects that can occur to fuel-burning appliances if insulation is carried out without the proper checks for ventilation requirements.

Installation is a relatively simple operation, but if the correct pre & post checks are not carried out correctly the occupants could be left in real danger. The blocking of combustion air vents or flues of fuel-burning appliances puts occupants at a risk of becoming ill or even dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

All fuel-burning appliances need an adequate air supply, and a clear flue to operate correctly, as the main product produced from combustion is carbon dioxide. This is produced when a flue is blocked or the air supply is impaired.

This course has been put together with the ‘Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency‘ using the technicians guide to best practice, Version 3 booklet.

Course Costs: £125 (Exl VAT)

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